Smell a musty odor? Notice a high level of dust or dirt? Suspect mold?

Since 1992, DuctMasters has provided Indoor Air Quality Improvement Services through professional air duct cleaning and HVAC mold remediation. We are a certified Air Conveyance Mold Remediation Specialist by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

As one of the first HVAC contractors in Florida to specialize in air duct cleaning and HVAC decontamination, we are proud to be an area leader in Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC decontamination. We offer various levels of cleaning and decontamination services depending on what is required including:

  • Air washing of the air duct system with compressed air and air whips.
  • Power Brushing of the air duct system with specially designed brushes.
  • Contact Vacuuming of any surfaces as required.
  • Mold Resistant Duct Coating to prevent fiberglass from becoming airborne, minimize mold and dirt buildup, and extend the life of the duct system.
  • Air Duct Replacement
  • Air Handler Refurbishment
  • Air Handler Coil Cleaning and Decontamination.
  • Air Handler Blower Cleaning and Decontamination.
  • Air Handler Re-lining.
  • Condenser Cleaning.
  • Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Ultraviolet Light Systems to optimize indoor air quality.
  • Odor Elimination Services.
  • And More!

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Air washing

We use high-pressure air which dislodges accumulated dirt and debris.  Suction from the vacuum collection system and high-pressure air from the air nozzle then move dirt and debris which has been freed from the duct-work into our High Efficient Particle Arrestance (HEPA) vacuum collection system (The HEPA vacuum minimizes the chances of cross contamination  as we safely capture  debris removed from the air conveyance system into our vacuums).[vc_column_text]

Air Whips

This is a combination of air washing (high-pressure air) with additional agitation from “whips.”  This is a higher level of cleaning because, in addition to air washing,   whips make contact with various parts of the interior ductwork. Again,  suction from the vacuum collection system and high-pressure air from the air nozzle move dislodged dirt and debris from duct-work into the sealed HEPA vacuum collection system.

Power Brushing & Air Washing

This, our highest level of cleaning,  is achieved by power brushing and air washing.  This combination provides the best results as it removes the accumulated dirt and debris in the ductwork. Brushing does the best job because it makes physical contact with more of the interior ductwork than the other methods. Additionally, air washing after brushing is necessary to move dislodged dirt and debris out of duct-work to the HEPA vacuum collection system.

Our Commercial HVAC System Cleaning and Decontamination and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and Decontamination Services Include:

  • Complete and proper cleaning and Decontamination of the Air Handler Unit (AHU) in accordance with National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) standards
  • Cleaning and Decontamination of the interior of the air handler cabinet
  • Cleaning and Decontamination of blower assemblies
  • Cleaning and Decontamination of the return and the supply plenum
  • Cleaning and Decontamination of the evaporator, heating, and condenser coils
  • Treating nonporous interior surfaces of the system with bactericide and fungicides
  • Cleaning of the condensation pan
  • Air Duct Cleaning and Decontamination (Return and/or Supply) in accordance with NADCA standards and EPA guidelines is accomplished with our DUCTVAC 3000 portable collection machines, rotary power or pneumatic brushes, and/or manual cleaning processes and/or high-pressure air scrubbing devices.

Additional Services Available

Air Handler Refurbishment and Mold Resistant Duct Coating

We specialize in refurbishing air handler units by resurfacing the interior lining. The air handler lining should be replaced when it is contaminated with mold. We also apply a mold resistant coating on fiberglass or porous ductwork. Our resurfacing products are EPA registered for use in air-conditioning systems. This will help prevent future growth of fungus and bacteria as well as further degradation of the interior lining, or replacement with comparable fiber-glass insulation products if necessary.

Refurbishing the condensate pan with a high performance, corrosion proof product with high adhesion to metal and plastic surfaces.  This resists corrosion on aluminum, galvanized, copper and stainless steel. It can also stop pan leaks, automatically levels the pan, insures long life to new pans, strengthens pans, repairs older or damaged pans, and is not affected by coil cleaners.

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