If your home or building has porous duct material, also known as fiberglass ductwork, duct board or fiberboard, Antimicrobial Duct Coating may be necessary after cleaning of the HVAC system.

Why would your system require antimicrobial duct coating?

AC Mold Plenum

Some indicators that your air duct system requires antimicrobial coating include aged porous duct work, heavy dirt buildup, microbial growth or suspect mold in the air-conditioning system, musty odors or smoke odor coming from the duct work, among others. These types of air duct systems require cleaning in accordance with the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) Standards. After cleaning, an antimicrobial paint is applied to seal the porous ductwork and prevent fiberglass and particulate from becoming airborne. If the system cannot be properly cleaned and coated, then air duct replacement may be necessary.


DuctMasters uses IAQ 8000 Antimicrobial Paint to seal the porous ductwork after cleaning. This sealant is a high-performance coating for use in duct work designed to bridge, reinforce and extend the life of the duct system. We also recommend antimicrobial coating for new duct systems because it prevents future microbial growth and extends the life of the system.

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